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Psychologische Katalysatoren

original Talk at TED

Maybe enough Africa in cellphones?

Brian Eno once said the problem with computers is, it’s just not enough Africa in them. Well – there’s definitively more of it in cell phones. Computers in Africa: original Talk at TED Africa in the Computer: original Talk at TED

TED: Gehäkelte Korallen und hyperbolische Geometrie

wirklich sehr abgefahren und nicht nur für Handarbeitsfreunde: original Talk at TED

War Robots

original Talk at TED War robots in use at present. Examples, attitudes and possible implications. Quite an eye opener, quite TED.

Internet in Dosen

Ca. 700 MebiByte gemischter Internet-(Film-)Aufschnitt: Willie Smits restores a rainforest | Video on TED.com Money as Debt – Geld als Schuld (deutsche Untertitel) | Google Video Barry Schwartz on our loss of wisdom | Video on TED.com Matthieu Ricard on the habits of happiness | Video on TED.com David Carson on design, discovery and humor […]

TED: Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos Photosynth

Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos Photosynth. The vision of automatic semantic correlation of images is stunning. And automatic 3d models – hu!

Tim Brown on creativity and play | Video on TED.com

Share your wild ideas! The Video on TED.com Exploration – go for quantity Building – think with your hands Role play – act it out; have more empathy for the situation we design for and create experiences that are seamless and authentic I wonder how this raw prototyping – getting an idea into the real […]

Mother of all Demos

The Mother of all Demos in 9 parts. 1/9 2/9 3/9 4/9 5/9 6/9 7/9 8/9 9/9

Mobile Phones fighting Poverty

That article on slashdot about Cellphone Banking Helping To Fight Poverty In India (don’t miss the Video) reminded me of two TED talks about much the same idea. See Iqbal Quadir’s talk at TED.com. See Jan Chipchase’s talk at TED.com.

Hello world!

5000 Tage hatte das Internet weitgehend Ruhe vor mir. Die sind jetzt vorbei.