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iOS 4 Simulator crash (when installed to custom folder)

just downloaded and installed the iOS 4 SDK and as my root OS X partition is rather (too) small, I put it into a custom location /Users/Developer.Snowleopard/. This causes the iPhone Simulator to crash and compiling gives an error like: ibtool failed with exception: Interface Builder encountered an error communicating with the iPhone Simulator. If […]

XCode: missing „deprecated“ warnings

when developing for long-term use, you want to use APIs that aren’t likely to be removed soon, a.k.a. „deprecated“. So, don’t use downward compatible calls below a point you really aim for. XCode helps with compiler warnings about „deprecated“ calls – if „Project -> Edit Project Settings -> GCC_WARN_ABOUT_DEPRECATED_FUNCTIONS“ is set: But be careful, this […]

iPhone: libxml2 & RELAX NG validation

Having a validating parser in place can reduce the required code to parse XML a lot – you know very well what you actually get. As mentioned in my last post about RELAX NG & trang, I prefer RELAX NG over W3C XML Schema – which doesn’t matter anyway because Apple’s suggested XML parser doesn’t […]

Tooltip: doxygen & graphviz (OS X)

ever seen error messages like this when generating doxygen docs for an iPhone/Mac Objective C project: …/build/doxygen/html/a00136.png‘ produced by dot is not a valid PNG! You should either select a different format (DOT_IMAGE_FORMAT in the config file) or install a more recent version of graphviz (1.7+) ? Happened to me this morning when running doxygen […]

iPhone Unit Test Coverage

have a look at the CoverStory Howto, download CoverStory, open (with XCode) the XCode Project you want to measure, run the script EnableGCov.scpt linked to from the howto, run your tests and see a linker error, – dead end for the time being. http://groups.google.com/group/coverstory-discuss/browse_thread/thread/fbcbf5ed61d8d02b#

CocoaHeads Vortrag gestern: Unit Testing

um ein wenig anzugeben und schlicht den Link hier zu platzieren: Cocoa Unit Testing Folien, Cocoa Unit Testing Wiki Seite

iPhone: SQLite Fulltext Index

Most blogposts I found on this topic don’t explain it from the beginning, so it took me quite a while to figure out how simple and powerful the sqlite fulltext search API (FTS3) actually is. get the sqlite3 amalgamation sources (v3.6.22) and just unpack it into your iPhone project – sqlite3 as shipped on the […]

T-Mobile / MMS / iPhone

klick ich den Link, den T-Mobile mir per SMS geschickt hat, kriege ich:

NSCachedURLResponse / NSKeyedUnarchiver pain

as the iPhone SDK comes with a rather dysfunctional NSURLCache — Apple suggests to implement it from scratch yourself in the code examples about caching — I went for just this. Until I came across the [NSKeyedUnarchiver unarchiveObjectWithData:…] not restoring userInfo, storagePolicy and data of NSCachedURLResponse. Couldn’t believe it and spent almost the whole day verifying […]

Binary Search NSArray

Though CFArray comes with binary search capability, NSArray does not – at least not within the iPhone SDK. The indexOfObject:inSortedRange:options:usingComparator: can’t be found. Plus the CFArrayBSearchValues doesn’t tell you whether the key actually is part of the list or not. That’s what the Java JDK does, so let’s implement some category methods -(NSInteger)binarySearch:(id)key; -(NSInteger)binarySearch:(id)key usingSelector:(SEL)comparator; […]