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lighttpd + letsencrypt.sh

via letsencrypt.sh Three cases, a ’normal‘ www domain: www.filmfestapp.com a ’normal‘ subdomain where the naked domain is part of shared webspace: drop.mro.name a proxy subdomain for a rails application (redmine): developer.mro.name

redmine & chruby (fetch emails)

  #!/bin/bash # chruby needs bash # # # redmine email import with chruby. # # # Put this script into <redmine_dir>/script and a set crontab like # $ sudo -u www-data crontab -l # */15 * * * * <redmine_dir>/script/fetch-email.sh # cd "$(dirname "$0")/.."   log="log/$(basename "$0" .sh).log" cat >> "$log" <<EOF   $(date […]

redmine (rails) + puma + lighttpd

Running redmine with a lightweight ruby on rails/webserver stack on a debian server – puma and lighttpd: Assumed you’ve got both redmine and lighttpd already installed: install puma gem: $ sudo gem install puma caution: ArgumentError on ruby 1.8.7 get tools/jungle/init.d/puma to /etc/init.d/ get tools/jungle/init.d/run-puma to /usr/local/bin/ add a puma app: $ sudo /etc/init.d/puma add /your/app/path www-data $ […]