iPhone: SQLite Fulltext Index

Wed, 17. Mar 2010

Categories: en development Tags: Binary Fulltext Index iPhone Search SQLite

Most blogposts I found on this topic don’t explain it from the beginning, so it took me quite a while to figure out how simple and powerful the sqlite fulltext search API (FTS3) actually is.

  1. get the sqlite3 amalgamation sources (v3.6.22) and just unpack it into your iPhone project โ€“ sqlite3 as shipped on the iPhone doesn’t support FTS3,
  2. activate FTS3 support,
  3. create the index table programmatically inside your App as your Macs default sqlite3 doesn’t support FTS3 either,
  4. use it like any other table except using the MATCH operator for index queries.

That’s it, and it’s hell quick.