Tooltip: doxygen & graphviz (OS X)

Tue, 27. Apr 2010

Categories: en development Tags: dot Doxygen Graphviz iPhone make OS X

ever seen error messages like this when generating doxygen docs for an iPhone/Mac Objective C project:

…/build/doxygen/html/a00136.png’ produced by dot is not a valid PNG! You should either select a different format (DOT_IMAGE_FORMAT in the config file) or install a more recent version of graphviz (1.7+)


Happened to me this morning when running doxygen on another box. The doxygen dmg was installed in /Applications, I even added the graphviz macport, so WTF.

It turned out, that

So, when using the dot from the doxygen dmg, it has to be set to


I fixed my generic Makefile and make a good guess now while keeping things configurable per user as the Makefile and doxygen config are committed sources and should not contain user specific settings.