Ad Blocking Proxy = abloprox

Fri, 20. Jun 2014

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as an act of digital hygiene, I installed abloprox on a raspi and added this PAC file to save some keystrokes when configuring:

 1function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
 2  if (shExpMatch(host,"*")) return "DIRECT";
 3  if (shExpMatch(host,"*.local")) return "DIRECT";
 4  if (shExpMatch(host,"*")) return "DIRECT";
 5  if (shExpMatch(host,"*")) return "DIRECT";
 6  // auto config:
 7  // 1. ensure there's a host 'wpad' in the current network, see
 8  //   -
 9  //   -
10  // 2. have a http webserver running on that host
11  // 3. ensure http://wpad/wpad.dat or contains a PAC file like in
12  // return "PROXY wpad:3126"; // Default return condition is the proxy on host 'wpad'.
13  return "PROXY <hostname_of_the_raspi>:3126"; // Default return condition is the proxy.

Update: I pushed this one step further recently and use the automatic proxy-configuration itself to filter — see

Update: hu – it took Android until version 5.0 (lollipop) to support PAC.