Announce Seppo.Social v0.3

Tue, 24. Oct 2023

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Hi all,

I am happy to announce the release of v0.3 of #Seppo!, the friendly, sustainable, permacomputing inspired alternative to all those heavy microblog servers. Generously funded by NLnet

It’s built to be operated by yourself on commodity shared webspace without requiring much further attention.


Download: https://Seppo.Social/Linux-x86_64-0.3
Binary: https://Seppo.Social/Linux-x86_64-0.3/seppo.cgi
Source: https://Seppo.Social/Linux-x86_64-0.3/source.tar.gz
Git: https://Seppo.Social/v/5f078d9


Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

P.S.: announced at